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Gerardo tiene 17 años de edad, y forma parte de los Adolescentes en Proyectos de Vida CODENI, le gustaría ser chef y se esfuerza constantemente por alcanzar su sueño. Actualmente está estudiando la preparatoria en modalidad semiescolarizada, lo que le ha permitido realizar prácticas en un restaurant; no ha sido fácil para él y para su familia pero su constancia y compromiso lo llevan a alcanzar rápidamente sus metas. Es por esto que ha sido nombrado como participante del mes de abril.

This is Anayeli Hernandez Magdaleno, 11 years old, born in Guadalajara Jalisco, her parents work in the informal trade in the center of Guadalajara. Anayeli is an enthusiastic girl with a dreamer and active spirit, in her free time she plays football and she loves board games. At school she represents three main characteristics: being happy, responsible and friendly, besides she is having a constant and growing average in her school grades. She had an excellent participation in the Consultation of Children and Young Street Workers in Mexico City; for this and many skills Anayeli is the participant of the month, congratulations for her effort.

Gerardo is 17 years old and he is one of the teens of Life Projects CODENI.He would like to be a chef and he is working hard on his dream to become true. At the moment he is studying highschool at the semi-school mode which offered him the opportunity to participate in an internship at a restaurant.It has not been easy for him and his family but his perseverance and commitment led him to quickly reach their goals. That is why it has been named as a participant in April.