Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  Colectivo Pro Derechos de la Niñez A.C.


The present Privacy Policy  of Personal Info  has been established in order to inform the users, donors and volunteers, which it is coming from Colectivo Pro Derechos de la Niñez (CODENI) as for the securing, file, storage, treatment, use and publication of information of personal character [1] that is provided or provides on having established a tie or contact with a user, donor or volunteer.


Also this Politics of Confidentiality (in the consistent thing it will be named “a Politics“) takes as a target strengthening the confidence level between CODENI and the user, donor or volunteer, as regards the treatment of its personal information; make it clear the purposes or use to which its information and/or information are submitted, expiring with the article 15 of the protection Law of Information.


On having established a contact [2], it implies that all the information of personal character that provides CODENI will be able to be filed, stored, treated and used for internal ends and of quality; as contact way, for diverse purposes since it is stipulated next:


Of the scope of this protection Politics of Personal details.

This protection Politics of Personal details applies itself for the information of the users, donors and volunteers who establish communication of some type with CODENI and for the use of the above mentioned information; be already oral, electronic and/or written.

Of the assent and securing of the information

CODENI can document, systematize and store information regarding the interview, appointment or the first contact, like pursuit and/or papers to which this one gave place. The assent as for the terms about the securing, file, storage, treatment and use of the above mentioned information they remain established in this Politics.


The personal information, it is possible to obtain in a series of instances. For example, across the user, donor or volunteer, as well as of references in the diverse mass media like feedback, and other sources allowed by the Law, like recommendations, telephone or labor directories.


The way in which there is acquired the information, which can be a personnel (e-mail, direction, etc. ), it will be possible to give across questions and/or filling of formats that will have to be completed in obligatory or optional form, depending the case. The user, donor or volunteer agrees to provide information in order to be able to be provided with a quality attention on the part of CODENI, in any type of service that should try to be provided or administer.

Of the Quality of the information

All the information is excellent, for which, it is possible that after some not stipulated time, some member CODENI  could do called phone for the cross-check and/or update of information. This, in order to have effective quality communication and with our users, donors and volunteers.


Of the use of the information

CODENI uses the info to:

 To take file of users, donors and volunteers, as well as to give pursuit to the same ones

 To give pursuit to the services that lend and obtain between CODENI and the users, donors and volunteers, as well as to improve the above mentioned processes

 To give the pertinent service to every user, donor or volunteer as it is stipulated by the procedures that govern the functioning of CODENI.

 To give fulfillment to obligations contracted by agreements, according to procedures of CODENI.

  to adapt and modify services or administrated programs.

 For the mailing of new information that could result from interest for the user, donor or volunteer

 To extend knowledge in social researches, of statistics and of development.


CODENI do not  share or spread the personal details or information of the users, donors or volunteers to third, except in case that CODENI turns out to be forced and as the law allows it:


  1. a) That the user, donor or volunteer approves to share information with other contacts or strategic alliances.
  2. b) In case that law or administrative or judicial authority need it;
  3. c) In case the rights or property of CODENI turn out to be threatened;
  4. d) In case the information has occurred of public knowledge without coming up nonperformance of CODENI;



  1. e) In case the information was of knowledge of CODENI before had being provided by the interviewee, benefactor or member of an OSC;
  2. f) In case the information was spread to CODENI by a third one with right to do it.


Of the Data protection

Conscious of the importance of the privacy, CODENI  uses technology to protect the personal information that is provided, across passwords and used software. As well as the handling of use and file of electronic and physical records are realized only across the authorized and qualified personnel that works in CODENI and that has knowledge of the Politics.

It is necessary to emphasize that there is no entire safety in which the files are in entire security for the previously mentioned interjections (interjection to to f) in that CODENI might turn forced to provide information to third; therefore in these cases, CODENI will not be responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, suffered for the user, donor or volunteer in case the information is gained access for third.


Who protect the information

CODENI placed in Cruz Verde 19 Cabbage. Jesus, CP 44200, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, controls, capture and protect the information depending on the service that is granting.

The identity of the one who controls, obtains and produces the personal details can be in the agreement of general collaboration, or in the used formats depending on the service that is granted or administers every user.


Of other terms

The user, donor or volunteer can communicate with CODENI by e-mail or by a letter signed by the holder of the information, in order to request the personal information that has been stored and corresponds to the same one; therefore the person in charge of the security of its information will turn out to be forced to send to him the information that are requested about its personal information.


At the moment when the holder of the information does not wish that CODENI sent to him any more information or different bulletins (reports, bulletins or satisfaction evaluations), he could do it s request by a signed formal letter, for the holder and directed to the presidency of the Managing Advice, accompanied by the reason of the same one. CODENI  is forced to confirm the letter and to answer in accordance with the request and the contract allows it (if it applies).



Of equal way, the user, donor or volunteer has a right to demand that they should be eliminated or should update its personal details if they are incomplete, incorrect or out of date and if he believes that they are unnecessary.


It is necessary to emphasize that due to the processes that govern operating of CODENI the information in the first instance they tend of being for information and documentaries in order to provide evidences of activities or realized processes. For which, the time of security of the information of every holder stays to tact of CODENI. If the user is inactive of any service or tie with CODENI for more than 5 years, it might be eliminated of the database.


By the fact of gaining access or of requesting CODENI an appointment, made out and/or the first contact, it is presumed that it has already been accepted to provide some information. Nevertheless it is needed its authorization for the use of its information how the current terms stipulate it in the present Politics of Confidentiality. Therefore, CODENI commits himself to that the granted information is treated protecting its confidentiality.


Of the changes to the protection Politics of Personal details CODENI, reserves the right to change this Politics of Confidentiality in any moment.


In case of update, this politics is included on the web page, therefore, suggests him to check it periodically to be informed about any realized change. The last review to this confidentiality politics was carried out on February 28, 2013.

[1] Personal information includes information that can be used to identify, such as the surname, direction, e-mail, telephone number, etc.

[2] Contact recounted like appointment, interview, records, the first contact or pursuit.