If children are candidates to enter the programs at  Casa CODENI, educators invite them to the Espacio de Juego (Play Space) three evenings per week in the  University of Guadalajara’s downtown library. With regular participation at the library during one to three months, they can transition to the programs at Casa CODENI known as Círculo CODENI. During these initial months, educators work to  explain to the child and his or her family how as an empowerment project CODENI differs from other welfare‐based assistance programs. They also coordinate socioeconomic studies and psychological tests with the family and ensure that they understand the benefits and expectations of CODENI. In addition to these processes of direct accompaniment, CODENI street educators are responsible for maintaining  a log of information about the actors, initiatives and occurrences in the different networks of street populations in Guadalajara.


The Active Participation program focuses on the comprehensive development of CODENI participants through educative, artistic, recreational and formative activities. We seek to stimulate academic excellence in each child with a homework help club and personalized tutoring. In addition to academic support, the program includes recreational activities, art classes and basic computer skills courses, with the intention of developing physical, artistic and practical abilities, as well as self-confidence and habits for a healthy lifestyle.



This program addresses participants’ needs and interests, with the objective of enabling them to overcome their dependence on the streets.
We offer reflection and empowerment workshops as well as counseling, to develop psychosocial competencies, motivating participants to undertake actions that will ultimately better their overall quality of life. Educators work with each participant on an individual basis, utilizing the different activities offered in CODENI and external services and contacts to develop personalized life projects and attend specific problems.


The objective of this program is to promote the rights of children and street populations, as well as the work of Codeni. Activities are directed towards different publics including our participants, other organizations, the government, the media and society in general.